Eve pic

She was captivating. She was mysterious. She walked with ease as if she were on air. When she smiled; she could set you free.  It was as if she knew something or some secret.

She was everything I wanted to be.

I was enticed. Where did she come from? Where did she live? But more than that; what did she know that I didn’t.

Isn’t it always like that when a new girl comes to town? Everyone wants to be her friend, get to know her, and ultimately be like her. The new girl always brings something that has been untouched by you, and it is always something you want…always.

She is always prettier, wears nicer clothes, and lives in a bigger house. She has all the latest and best in everything. It seems she is surrounded by beauty and everything she touches becomes that much more beautiful; including you. At least you hope…

Why are we like this? Why do we long for something we don’t have? Why? Well I believe there is an inherent longing…one that is unquenchable. It is undeniably and quietly placed within our being when we are made in the secret place.

Want to know more? Follow me, as we kiss the dust, get to know ourselves and each other. Follow me as we learn to fulfill our inmost being, and find out what she has that we don’t…

Because this new girl isn’t just anybody, she’s you.