me 4 yrs oldIn the midst of a fourth grade life, they unexpectedly arrived.  It was like a sudden slap in the face or being drenched in cold water.

To say the least, they were uninvited.

It’s always like that with the Two Sisters. They are never invited, they just show up.  And you can be sure, one never comes without the other…

Hand in hand, skipping along, they look for their next victim.

They arrive in disguise, so we are always caught off guard. They intrude and invade. They tilt your heart.

As sure as the sun rises and as sure as the match striking flint ignites a flame, they come. They nestle themselves in and make themselves at home. They think they belong with you, but they don’t. They weren’t invited.

But on that day, when I was in the fourth grade, they took the slight crack of an open door as an invitation to come inside. As a moth is drawn to a flame, they were drawn to mine.

You remember the match striking the flint…

It wouldn’t be until many years later that I would understand or even recognize the impact they made on my life.

They unravel you, stitch by stitch.  Slowly what was knitted together in the secret place begins to come apart.

It appears we have no weapon against them. And it stays that way; for many years. At least until we learn the secret, or Someone of Great Renown speaks the Word of ancient times.

(we have the weapon all along, we just don’t know it…shhhh…it’s not time yet…)

The Two Sisters tiptoe through the corridors of your mind with a voice that is almost silent. You can barely hear it. But, as usual, we lean in and try to make out the whispered words.

The Two Sisters; they wield a deadly blow.

In the beginning, it is a one way conversation. But as I said, we lean in…we begin to listen…and slowly but surely we begin to entertain their thoughts as if they were our own. That is the way of the Two Sisters. They have mastered the art of deception.

They provoke us to fear and dread. They stir up our minds and mock the world in which we live. They bring chaos and uncertainty. They make us feel we are “missing out”; that we live a superficial and unimportant life. And as we listen, we begin to believe and agree…

And our hearts tilt.

The Two Sisters are really not new. They have been wreaking havoc on many of us; for generations.

I know you’ve met them, and they have influenced your life as well. I am sure you have wrestled as I have with these two.

Oh, their names you ask?  Well in my life they were Lisa and Lynnette.

Generation after generation, they have remained unchanged. They have carried different names in our lives; but under their disguise, the Two Sisters are known by each one of us as~

Self Worth and Insecurity.

So tell me, when did your match strike the flint…?