Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a girl. A girl not born, but created.  A girl; handcrafted by Eternal Holy Hands and then awakened by the intimate breath of a kiss from the King.

Eve pic

Her hair was long and of many colors; as if a rainbow encircled her head.  Her eyes were fiery and mirrored a depth of love that remains indescribable in human terms. It was piercing, and to behold her heart one had to shield their eyes.

She was perfect in form and in beauty. Her mouth spoke of fine wine and the sound of her voice was as dove in flight.  She appeared ageless and when she walked; the fragrance of splendor filled the air.  The girl wore a crown upon her head imprinted with the words, “I am my Beloved’s”.

Suddenly, as a curtain, the fog moved aside and my vision cleared.  I was standing on a mountain high above a grand Garden. I inherently knew I was overlooking the Ancient Eden. I had only read about this Garden, you know it as the Garden of Eden. But in those moments of  my rare invitation, I realized it was much more than a Garden. It was the land where Heaven and earth collided. It was not only the birthplace of creation but of love.

Then, without notice or warning, the Gate opened and a song began to rise.  It was the incense of all things created in His image. It was the melody of all things perfect…The girl was united with the King. Her very reason for movement, breath, and heartbeat were found in Him.  Her whole being moved in time with His. The dance that took place was indescribable.  They moved as one; I knew this was the heart’s desire from The Beginning…

Suddenly, the fog began to encapsulate me; it swirled around me and began pulling me in. I had no strength to resist.  I knew I was receiving my own invitation to the ancient and most sacred dance.

Yet, through all of this, I remained captivated by the girl; the one that walked and danced in this new intimacy and perfection. One would say, this girl was flawless…

My heart began to race at the mere thought of becoming like her.  Was it possible? How could this ever be? This was of ancient times, long ago, a place now guarded by Angels with flaming swords. Could just anyone enter…

With great anticipation and trepidation I made a choice. I had to know her name, I had to know her King. I found deep within I longed to be like her and desired her existence.  How I wanted to walk where she walked and dance how she danced…

Finally, I gathered my strength, found only a whisper of my voice, and spoke; “Who are you?”

She turned and answered,

“My name is Woman”….