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Eve pic

As  I sat in the floor on that quiet May morning I began to read.

You see, I was trying to be a good “christian” woman. I had also been challenged.  “Have you read through your entire Bible”? was the question. Well, no I hadn’t. And to be honest, I hadn’t read much of it. Just bits and pieces, and only here and there. So, this was now added to my “Christian bucket list”.  I accepted the challenge and accomplished what I set out to do.  When I  finished I expected some changes. I expected to be different. And in all honesty I had to say, my thought was, “well, that didn’t do anything to change me”.  Truly, I expected something miraculous to happen and suddenly I would turn into the woman I wanted to be…

But, I found this:

I still could be impatient, hot-tempered, and not so full of “love” for everyone.  I imagined I would be kinder and soft-spoken. I thought I would have the patience of Job and the courage of Esther and the wisdom of Deborah…well, to say the least, that didn’t happen.

I was still me.

 On that early morning in May, I opened my Bible for lack of better things to do, and began again. I was quite aggravated that I would have to start at the “Beginning” again…I dreaded the chapters of the begats, and the laws and all that “boring” stuff. But, if I was going to go down this Christian road, a girl had to do what a girl had to do. Right??

I read out loud. I always did when no one was at home. Things just seemed to make more sense.

This time, things were different. This whole thing was intentional you know. It was meant for me to start again.  Sometimes we have to work for changes. They don’t always come in a miraculous package, sometimes they are subtle. And sometimes, God doesn’t care about your bucket lists.  For by the time I got to Genesis chapter three, I sat in the floor weeping. Yes, the one who hates to cry, began to weep over this woman by the name of Eve…

Suddenly, she came to life.

I knew her like I knew myself. I understood her. I identified with her heart and that made my heart ache for her.

I saw things in her that made sense.  I saw the pattern of life.

I saw love, strength, dignity, courage, fear, sin, perseverance, faith, and inheritance. 

I saw eternity.

I saw myself. I saw everything I wanted to be. 

I had been searching for a female role model in this book called the Bible for years. I haggled over the “biggie”; The Proverbs 31 woman,( I can’t even talk about her), Esther, Deborah, and Sara. They all looked good, but I needed a gal with some grit and some guts. That is not to say these ladies didn’t have parts of that, but I needed a huge picture of life, and I began to think she couldn’t be found in the Christian world. Come to find out, I did have the right book, I had just  been reading the wrong chapters.

To understand this woman named Eve, is to understand ourselves.  It is to reach down deep and understand the meaning of our creation and our purpose.  Eve is worth our time and effort. She has much to teach us.

The path she walked is one we walk today. Through each step she took, she left imprints that we might follow.

So, why her?  Why would I ever choose the disobedient woman as a model to learn about God, life, and love?

The answer is this;

Before the Fall, Eve was perfection; after the Fall, she became the woman we are today…

read that, let it sink in…

So in light of this,

Who wants to follow her imprints…it may lead you someplace you have never been.