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Eve picI know, in my last post I bullied my way through the Proverbs 31 woman. I know that…

I also know that “Miss 31” is worthy to write about; she holds the bullseye to home keeping, wife, mother, and entrepreneur. She is the modernized woman we dream of becoming. But…and a long pause here…

I am not here to write about “Miss 31”, plenty have travelled that road before.

I wish to journey The Road Less Travelled…

I plan to write of a woman so forgotten, so hidden and misunderstood that to most of us she has remained utterly unknown.

You have heard of her. You know about her. But I’m not sure you have had the pleasure of meeting her…


Yes, I said Eve.  

I can hear the gasps… 🙂

Eve…why she is the one who got us into this mess!  Eve…the one who ate the forbidden fruit?  Eve…the one who listened and then succumbed to temptation in its purist form!  Eve…the one who bore the murderous son Cain and ultimately was banished from the Garden of Eden…

You must be kidding…

No, I’m not.

This woman has been an inspiration to me not only as a woman, but also to my relationship with God. She has given me motivation to pursue a relationship with God that is indigenous to our being, but quite contrary to the natural mind.

Everything we strive for as women, and should strive for as Godly women is neatly wrapped in the heart and life of this great woman…the first woman. Remember…

Before the Fall, Eve was perfection. After the Fall, she became the woman we are today.

Through the years of this journey, I have found there is much more to this woman than disobedience.  I have found a woman after God’s heart. And I found a God after the heart of Eve. Even in the midst of disobedience; He remained unchanged in His love for her.

After all, there was life before the serpent.

Before we go any further with this Treasure, there are a few things that must be said.

1. Eve is not listed in the Bible for merely brandishing purposes.

2. She was not created simply to become the scapegoat for a fallen humanity.

3. Eve was not created for mankind to place the scarlet letter upon her breast.

4. Her life was not disgraceful or deplorable. She lived it to the full, as we will see later.

Eve has been tagged with the ultimate disobedience and quite frankly nothing else. 

Her life has been cast aside from generation to generation only to be lost within the sands of time…

When we reflect on Eve we are prone to hold on to her transgression alone. Her disobedience draws our attention and then becomes the spotlight of our recollection.  

We simply visualize her standing at the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, holding the twice bitten apple.

We paint her life as one with the serpent. Her temptation and surrender have branded her, and since that moment of surrender, she has been unable to shake the transgression.

We tend to mark Eve as though she should have been the superhero, void of any frailties. We should remind ourselves that Eve was created in God’s image just as you and I. She was also given the same will, and the same chromosomes you and I possess today. In essence, Eve was just as human as you and I.

With one major difference.

In the Beginning, Eve was perfect. Why? She had no knowledge of sin, for she had yet to encounter the serpent and his cunning ways.

Let us take a journey on The Road Less Travelled and go back in time.  Let us look at the first woman, not born of a woman, but created by the literal hands of the Most High.  Let us uncover life before the serpent. Let us open the heart of a woman, the only woman,  that had the honor and privilege of living in the full knowledge of God Himself…