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Eve picWhen sitting in reflection over the Garden, and all of its glorious amenities; the realization of the magnitude of The Fall astounded me.

The Garden was the center of attention.  God’s attention.  It was the center of His heart, the outpouring of His desire to communicate and cultivate a loving relationship.

God gave much to this place of paradise; He bestowed His beauty, He gave authority, and He gave His time.

We see The God of creation literally walking into this paradise to spend time with the man and the woman, and carry on conversations with them… God wanted a relationship.  He didn’t demand it; as He well could have…

“After all I’ve given you, now you give me…”

This was not a relationship based on obligation or appreciation. It was a relationship based on love. Pure and simple.

But there was someone else seeking the Garden. He was not interested in relationships, he was not interested in the beauty, he was interested in one thing; authority.

This flurry of spiritual activity in the Garden piqued his interest in one person;  and it wasn’t God. He had made war with Him. He called in the third of the angels who were with him and attempted to supersede the only one true God…in the heavenly paradise, war broke out and he  was cast to the ground. No, he wasn’t interested in God, he was interested in someone else; the Woman.

So in reflection of the magnificence of the Garden, living life in the full knowledge of the Lord, being sinless and able to walk day in and day out with the One who created her…what happened?

Well, we know it was deception; but how? How did a snake wrapped around the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil deceive this Woman who had it all????

Before I tell you, do you have any insight you would like to offer? I would love to hear it!