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Eve picIt was a dreadful day, and only One knew it was coming.  Only One knew what future lie ahead for man.

Only One knew the pain, toil and heartache that awaited creation; His creation…

Holiness was waiting to be interrupted.

Righteousness was positioned to recede from view.

Sin would soon be unleashed upon humanity, and all living would be affected down to the ground we walked on.

Tolerance would pulse within the circle of life.

Religion would replace relationship.

The natural would become unnatural.  It could now only reflect the Spiritual.

Our eyes would not rest upon His face; we would only see Him through a glass dimly.

Humanity would walk with a limp; a gaping wound of destruction the cause.

Finally, creation would be followed by the shadow of death and hunted by a roaring lion.

And on this day, God was getting ready; for He and only He, knew the time had come.

It had to.

You see, there was a plan from the foundation of the earth that a Son would be sacrificed, His Son; and He would be the One that would make all things new.

As I have written before, it is hard to imagine the turn of Eve’s head. What would engage her mind enough to move one step away from the path.

There were two trees, maybe there were two paths.  And on this day, she wandered.  Little did Eve know, that one path held life, the other, her death.

As she came to the fork in the road, there was something she heard. It was unfamiliar and everything in the Garden was familiar, so she leaned in…

Things still looked the same, smelled the same…what really could be wrong with this path?  She really wasn’t doing anything against the one rule.  She was only walking… these were the thoughts that began to overtake her mind.

She hadn’t planned on what happened next…

Yes, she was sure of it. She had heard something!  It was like a whisper, and it was carried on the leaves of the forbidden tree.  The fragrance that came with the cold was engaging and brought with it a deception of the mind. For what she smelled was not life; it was the smell of death.

As she walked silently down the path, the leaves of the forbidden tree began to unfold and carelessly she stopped.  She set her gaze on what was not hers.  She evaluated it.  Yes, it was beautiful. It did look good to eat…

What, can we not eat from any tree in the Garden”  Oh no, no. We can eat from any tree, just not this one”.

The engagement was like a magic spell. She was entranced; for this was something to behold. This was a magician. A prognosticator, he was one that whispered magic spells.  He was surrounded by a coppery light…

The prophesy was this:

“Oh you will not surely die, you will be like God; knowing good and evil”.

The magician spoke her future. Her death was disguised by love. Only this love was deception. Eve would soon learn it was not the same love she had received from her Creator.  There were strings attached to this love.

I believe Eve could not move past the words, “you will be like God”.

Suddenly, her thoughts ran to the One who created her. His love for her, and how He knew her so deeply.  She thought of the walks, and how they would link arms and talk for hours.  It was during these walks she had received the promise of more knowledge.  He had said, He could be fully known by her, that He would not keep any of Himself from her. That was what the Tree of Life was about. It held His character, His heart, and His mind. She had learned He had emotions just as she.  He laughed, and was full of joy. He would always sing as He entered the Garden. Sometimes, He would simply whistle, and it begged her heart to seek out His presence. He had taught her everything about herself. When she looked at Him, she could see the love He had for her. She felt moved to know Him more..

And so she ate; only this time, it was from the forbidden tree.

Oh, it was so sweet to the taste…

In a moment her eyes were opened. Her life, like a movie on fast forward flashed before her eyes.

In one swift move, Eve was shifted from light into darkness.

As she awoke to the reality of death; Eve realized what had transpired.

Suddenly, she didn’t look the same. Her skin had slightly withered. Her hair of many colors had turned dark.

Suddenly she didn’t feel the same.  Fear had entered.  The kind of fear that caused her to shake uncontrollably. The kind of fear that brought dread…

It was a false invitation to love.  How could she have been so deceived?

Eve realized she had been unfaithful to her Creator.  She had been disobedient and placed a false love above the true love that resided in the Garden…

But the depth of this sting was far beyond what ever could have been imagined.

And only one thought emerged; God was coming to the Garden…

Eve must hide.