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outside the city gate

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{I’ll come right out and tell you: I have stage fright. The kind which tongue-ties a person in knots because how do you tell the world what’s been gnawing your gut for years? There is pain and loneliness of being outside the gates of whatever in life, but there is also hope. How do I convey even a morsel of that in one single shot?}

Writing this first post felt like a ton of bricks. I wrote three entirely different ones and even a few half-written ones, as well.

Somewhere in our lives {maybe even now}, we lived outside the camp. We know of isolation and rumors and devastation. We know of fractures and slow-as-molasses redemption and severed ties. We know of illness and death and separation.

Outside the gates is not for the faint of heart.

My two boys have loved camping in piney woods and finding rocks they were sure were rarefied gems. To my “untrained”…

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