Rob Pecitizenabody is getting it right. I knew that within the first few pages of his book, CITIZEN.  He is a “reformed” western pastor. I write this with a smile…the words, reformed western pastor, they leave a few butterflies in my belly. Why? Because Rob Peabody gives me hope. Hope that there is a chance I may learn to live this life as a christian in a western world of religion where we need authenticity, and please, not another tee-shirt.

Do you understand what I am saying? I wrote about it in my review of Interrupted, by Jen Hatmaker.

Relationships. Authenticity. Servanthood. Slave.

In a world where WWJD is used mostly as an idolized mantra, where being a “christian” is the cherry on top of a “sunday”, ( there’s a play on words here, did you get it?) 🙂 In a world being run over by the religion of tolerance in place of true-hearted love and grace, some of us are a little weary and need some authenticity.

Rob Peabody brings  it. Full on.

“Religion and sin taint and confuse the message and person of Jesus”. pg. 155

We can’t mix it intentionally; religion and sin. We can’t think we can be religious and even get into the Kingdom of Heaven. See Matthew 7. They all thought they were doing it just fine, prophesying, casting out demons, doing miraculous signs…yet they were ousted. Why?

Relationship. There wasn’t a real one with Jesus.

We can’t change a world with wearing crosses around our necks, tattooing them on our wrists or wearing one more of our Monday thru Friday religious tee shirts. In fact, pagans bellied up to the bangles and beads and tattoos…Jesus said we are to clothe ourselves in righteousness…His, not ours.

We need to start wearing our wedding clothes. Jesus talks about this too in Matthew…

Now it sounds as if I’m against all of what I just wrote. Nope. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I love signs and wonders, the gifts of the Spirit, I wear a cross around my neck, an arm load of bangles and leather, would love a tattoo and every once in awhile you can see me with a Jesus shirt on. What I’m saying is, it pretty much doesn’t change the world as a whole. It may be an open door, or maybe I should pause and use that in the past tense,…used to be an open door. Now, I feel it is becoming a door that is slammed in our faces. Again, why?


We are so afraid of being real. Or, we maybe we just don’t have any idea who we really are; as an individual or a body…Rob Peabody addresses this in CITIZEN.

So if you are having an identity crisis…Read it.

If your church is founded on sand…Read it.

If you are tired of a His Kingdom being fractured by religion…Read it.

If you are ready to see a different side of the Kingdom…Read it.

You simply will not be disappointed. In fact, you may find yourself planting your feet with a little more force, with a little more boldness, with a little more grace, and a lot more love.

Thank you Rob Peabody for sending me your book and the opportunity not only to read it, but to hopefully plug it just a bit!