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Eve picSuddenly, the Breath entered and the darkness became Light…

Her eyes had not quite adjusted to this Light, and she covered them.  Slowly, she stood. She felt strangely secure.  As she removed her hand shading her eyes, she noticed her surroundings.  Everything was of such exquisite beauty. The lushness of the trees and grasses. The flowers were vibrant in color and scent. The sky was painted a hundred shades of blue and when the breezes came; the sky would shift like pages of a book and the color of rainbows came into view.

She began to feel her surroundings. The cool dirt beneath her bare feet, the coolness of the breeze ruffling through her hair.  What was this? Where was she, who was she?

These were questions only The Creator could answer.

When she took her first step, it was as if lightning went through her.  The dust of the ground began to give way when Someone took her hand.

Her senses were coming to life.  She heard whispers and felt the wind on her skin.  She heard rushing water.  She smelled honeysuckle and lilac. She saw foundations of sapphire, emerald, and chrysolite. Maybe the Light was emanating from there…

How did she know these things, these smells, these sounds…these colors…?

This Light;  it could be blinding if she looked at it straight on, but if she tilted her head just slightly, then she could see a form…

Oh, yes…this Form, this Someone was holding her hand.

All at once, her eyes were opened to the Light;  she could behold it and her eyes did not burn. But something was ignited  in her heart.  She could not look away…

As she beheld Him, she felt the flame begin to burn. Deep within her, love was awakened just as planned.

She became acutely aware that this Someone created her. This Someone loved her. This Someone knew her…

She couldn’t help it.  She had to ask because she had to know…

“Do you have a name?”

No words were spoken at that moment for the Light began to envelop her. It swirled in the air as spun gold and it wrapped itself around her as a robe. She looked as if she was clothed with the sun. Wisdom and Knowledge made themselves known; fully known…

Deep within her, she heard Thunder. She looked and the Form was no longer there; it was a Tree.  As she fixed her eyes, this Tree began to sway and move as if it had life. It was as if this Tree had words to say…

Then it began. The leaves of the Tree whispered wisdom and knowledge to her soul. It was if they had the ability to speak all things…things of the unknown past, and things of the unknown future…but that part she didn’t hear. There were some things left hidden to her ear only to be revealed by future decisions..

She only heard about the Ancient of Days.  How from the foundation of the earth it was written. It all was written, from beginning to end; before any of it came to be; it was to be done.

How long this took, she did not know; time was not measured here.

Finally, the answer to her question came.

My name is “I AM”.

And with that, it all became clear.

He was everything she needed. He was not only her Creator, but He was her God, her Protector, Teacher, and Friend.

He was the Lover of her soul.  He loved everything about her; she knew it. She didn’t have to ask Him, she knew it deep within her.

And she also knew this;

She loved Him…and no matter what would happen; neither of those things would change.

And within the security of that knowledge; Woman took her first step into the Garden…