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I get a little “meh” when it comes to the “Church.”

Call me lazy, call me tacky, call me wayward, call me fallen away, but here’s my deal.

I’ve put church on the Back Burner.

It is a proven fact; we can rally with the best of them. We can organize anything from a pot luck dinner for 200 to a march for 2,000.

We can lend our hands and even get them dirty. We can pray 24/7 and fast from three to forty days.

We can sing great songs that wrench your heart with conviction, or praise; we will take either one.

We minister, prophesy, and deliver from evil.

Our biggest gestures come in the form of being the “hands and feet” of Christ; as so we are called to do.

But me, I’m tired of that.

It’s not working for me.

What! How can that be? How can that not work for you!??

Believe me, I know what you are thinking as you are reading this. I’ve thought of the same things. I’ve beaten myself up for my lack luster faith. Or so you may call it.

My knees are skinned, my eyes shadowed, my vigor waned, and my heart bruised by this thing called “church” or dare I say, “christianity”.  My Bible pages are worn and torn over searching for my indiscretion, trying to find the “why” of it all. My mouth is dry and parched over the lamenting and grieving over what I thought was my identity, my ministry, my life. Don’t you see, I poured myself into “christianity”.  Thoughts of “great things for God”, pulsed through my veins. “Bearing much fruit”, was the flush to my cheeks.

I thought I had it down pat. To a “T” you might say…

But one day, it stopped working for me …

and I put church on the Back Burner.

I simply recoiled from life, and I recoiled from church.  And believe me, when you recoil from something that has been so ingrained to your daily life, you begin to question every last cell of your DNA…

Some might call it a “falling away”… or call you a “back slider”.

That my friends is the farthest thing from the Truth. You don’t fall away, you don’t back slide…you put church on the Back Burner… and then you dig deep. Deep into the heart of the One who created you. It is a must. It is a necessary thing to find the heart of the One.

Over the last two years, I’ve grown up a bit. My relationship with Jesus is a whole new thing. The One challenged me to mature while sitting on the Back Burner, in a very quiet sort of way.

Now days, I pour myself into Jesus. I pour myself into this life He’s given me. My joy is unspeakable. I relish every moment, every second and count every cost. I don’t worry about tomorrow. I don’t worry about the next speaking engagement, the next book I will write, or what else can I do…

Maybe one day I will jump back into the frying pan, but for now-

I just live on the Back Burner…

The Back Burner Church, known to those who come, as The Living Room…