One day it will happen. It is most unavoidable. No matter where you are in life, there comes a day when a shattering takes place.
Remember you are the clay… He is the Potter.
You are dust.
You are grass.
You are fragile.
That’s the flesh and bone of it.
You are held by His molding hands on the Wheel of grace and continually bathed in the Water of Life..
You go through the fire, you feel strong on the other side, yet you can be broken in a million pieces…even on the other side of strong.
Is that where you are?
I want to know.
I’ve been there.

I walked in on my broken pieces. I was taken back by the fragility of flesh, startled at the broken remains staring me in the face.
It was a quiet room. There were no windows , only a door. The door was cracked, letting in a sliver of light. The light reflected the jagged pieces of myself, lying there on the floor.
It was time. Time to pick up each piece, time to decide what fit and what didn’t.
There were many pieces that I loved. I almost cherished the way they looked, the way they had always made me feel; they were familiar, they were comfort. But when I tried to make them fit, they left shards of glass in this flesh. These old familiar pieces , these comfortable parts of me; the ones I always liked, simply didn’t fit… I had some gaping holes in my flesh.
How about you? Do you have any gaping holes?
Round and round and round went the Wheel of grace.
Bathed in the Water, I had to learn, once again; I am not my own. I was bought with a price. To run the race is to gain. To lose is to gain.
My gaping holes have not been filled with new theology or new prophetic words… They have not been filled with works or even the Body…
My gaping holes have been filled by the Potter. He has filled me with Joy! Peace! Strength! Faith! Love! Wisdom!
So when that day comes and you find yourself staring at your thousand pieces, know this- you, put back together, is a better you. Some pieces won’t belong… And it’s okay. On this life journey, Jesus is always along for the ride. His hands are on you. His plan for you is more than you could dream of asking…His love for you is always. Always.
If you walk into that quiet room, and you find yourself startled, do not fear. Do you see that door? Do you see that sliver of light? Stretch out your hand and let your fingers close around the knob; then swing with all your might…
Let the Light of peace, joy, strength, love, faith and wisdom drench your sweet soul and journey on to be the best ‘you’ He has called you to be!

Jeremiah says it best…
For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you, plans for for hope, plans for a future…29:11; paraphrased only slightly😊