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beth mooreCan we just talk about this for a minute? I’m serious. I just want to take a few lines, or maybe pages, to talk about this stuff, and, well… her…

Let me back up a bit. When it came to Bible teaching, I was pretty hard core. I loved the big guns. You probably already know the names, so I’ll skip that.  But, to be honest, I needed a challenge; no, I wanted a challenge. Better yet, I idolized a challenge.  If there was not a challenging message to be brought to the masses, then, please, hang it up. Why Bible teach if you cannot challenge someone’s thoughts or theology? You know, bring them into “right” thinking.

After all, aren’t we at least owed that…

I mean, you’ve put in some time here. You’ve paid the registration, brought your Bible, brought  your friends and bellied up to a hotel bill.

Entertainment? Umm…no. That’s the fluff side of Christianity. I’ll take mine straight up and on the rocks, thank you very much.

Then I met her. The Blonde, or as she labels herself, “Blonder than she pays to be”….

Yes, I am talking about the one and only, Beth Moore.

It was two and a half years ago. I received a last minute invitation to…

wait for it…

drum roll please…

Living Proof Live

Oh glory…it’s about to get real…

“Help me”, was all I could think. It was the only prayer I could muster up. How could I have succumbed to such madness! Of all things; a cute, little, blonde, bible teacher. Yes, I needed prayer. I needed a support system.  And according to my standards, I needed an intervention, for I did not participate in such matters.

So, off I went, my support system in tow and a four hour drive… in which we got lost and it took us five and a half. The only thing that was going to possibly save me was our hotel. Oh boy, a five star, studded, grandy with marble bathroom floors and a tub you could drown in. French doors opened to the sleeping arena, yes, it was that large… It was a suite that set me back a pretty penny, but I was going to need some hefty reassurance that I would not die over the weekend. And if I did, it was going to be in that bathtub. Yes, “help me”, was my feeble cry…

So, in my state of uncertainty and skepticism, I took a sleeping pill that night. I don’t sleep well in a room of others and I was getting ready to enter an arena of pure fluff. Thousands.  I was stressed.

Morning came in all of it’s sunshine glory and I was feeling doubtful. I did have my Bible and my GPS, so things surely couldn’t be all that bad, right? My group of encouragers were more giddy than I had ever seen them. What was wrong with them?  “We are going to a Bible spa people…don’t you get that”…

We entered through the vast doors and were bombarded. Table after table of books, tapes, and DVD’S. And then there were the people. People everywhere. EVERYWHERE! All giggly women, about to be massaged with scripture and oiled down with some praise.

“Well, get your big girl panties on and get yourself up to those rafters and find yourself a seat girlfriend. You are here for the long haul”.

And so I did. Or, I did with the help of the others. Geez, those are some steep stairs!

And so it began.

And she came out.

And I, well I, was put in my place.

I have never in my entire life been so humbled, challenged, convicted, encouraged, strengthened, girded, and, well, overwhelmed.

“Blonder than she pays to be”, is one fine, fine teacher! She carries no fluff, she carries the Spirit. She brings forth a newness of Jesus. She prays on her knees people, on her knees. And she has timelines…of all things, timelines! I’ve always hated timelines, but now, my heart has changed for the better, and even skips a beat at the very thought of a timeline… I LOVE THEM! Who doesn’t need a timeline when studying the Bible! They are a necessary thing! Thank you, Beth Moore!

Plus, Beth Moore is funny! What!? Yes, she is funny, and real, and transparent, and just, well, normal!

Now, I am a changed woman. Beth Moore puts out a “straight up, on the rocks” gig. Period. You walk away with a deeper knowledge of scripture, and a deeper knowledge of the heart of Jesus. One more thing, you also walk away with a deeper knowledge of yourself. That my friend, is a needful thing. You need to scratch away your surface, bleed a little, and be changed; be transformed.

Now, here at The Living Room, we use Beth Moore’s bible studies. We are jaw-dropped at each and every session. [We], and me…well, we love Beth Moore! We love her challenge to each of us and the way she brings forth the Word. Her devotion to Jesus Christ is evident and challenging in itself. Beth Moore is a gift to us straight from Heaven! If Living Proof Live is within a six hour drive…do it! If Beth Moore is within a twelve hour drive, do it! I promise, you need a little Beth Moore in your life! She is a breath of fresh air…