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National-Womens-DayIn the Beginning…It is one of my favorite scriptures. In the Beginning… there is a ring to it, no? It is the opening statement of scripture that leads into a stunning picturesque view of life…so naturally, it is one of my favorites.

And so is this one: Genesis 2:22 (NIV) Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib He had taken out of the man… So in honor of National Women’s Day, I write. I write to keep things in my life in order; as a woman.

Confession; I am a feminist. But, not by societal standards. So, in my view, there are feminists and then there are feminists…I’m of the latter. 🙂

The quest began as early as 1619 and continues today. We desired to be free of the social and economic struggles women faced in a male dominated society.  In that year, women wanted the freedom to buy land in the colonies, but to no avail.  During the years of 1820 through 1880, women were fighting for equal rights and women’s suffrage was born.  in 1916, the nation’s first birth control clinic was opened in Brooklyn, NY, and then closed by police in ten days.  Then, came the right to vote. This battle began in 1873 with Susan B. Anthony, and ended in 1920 when American women received the right to vote.  In 1921, The American Birth Control League was re-birthed, and in 1939, the Birth Control Federation of America was born and has withstood the test of time. Today it is known as Planned Parenthood. In 1960, the FDA approved the birth control pill. The Equal Rights Amendment was introduced in 1923 and finally approved forty-nine years later in March of 1972. In 1950, we received the right to use our maiden names after marriage. In 1963 the Equal Pay Act was passed, and before I forget..in 1959, our greatest feat yet…Pantyhose. Pantyhose came to the rescue of each and every one of us who desired airbrushed legs. Now, we just get spray tanned. There is also Roe vs. Wade, but I can’t go there. Not today.

Enough social history, back to the Bible for some real feminine history…

“This is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, for she was taken out of man…Genesis 2:23 (NIV); Adam’s statement upon seeing this jaw dropping gal.

Woman’s creation alone is a holy view of femininity. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. God was very purposeful with us. He chose for us to be taken out of man. We are called to come out and be separate from our rib mate…oh, I like that…rib mate. 🙂 Onward…But it’s true. We were never intended to be like men. Ever. Did you hear me? EVER! That was not the plan! We were always intended to be our own girl. Have our own personalities. Have courage, and be brave. We have the God given ability to stand on our own two feet…

When the word, Woman, is defined in the Hebrew…what does it mean?…”taken out of man”. And, when pronounced, it sounds very similar to the word man…but only similar, not exact.

Oh, girls. Are you feeling it yet? God was and is on our side! He really wants us to be different! He created it to be so. With the divine act of breathing life into our very first Woman, He “said”…It is good.

We, yes we, were a perfect gift. Created as a gift. Created as a helper. Created to come along side and live life with our rib mates.

Why do we work so hard for equality when it was given in the Beginning?

Our femininity is wrapped up within our creation. Now, if you don’t believe me. Go read. Read about the first Woman created. She is the fullness of femininity. She is the picture of strength, courage, bravery, steadfastness, faith and perseverance. Eve, the greatest of all Women, rose above all trials, pain, and sin by the One who created her. Her equality was not lost, her perfection and sinless state was…she trudged onward as a warrior. Not letting the fall of disobedience shake her into depression and lifelessness. She girded up and lived! So girls, let us do the same. Gird up and live your life in your God given equality. WE CAN DO IT! xo