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Eve pic

She walked with a limp…

Of course she would. There would be no other way.  She was forever changed.  A judgement had been placed, and this she would reap…

 A remembrance…there would always be the remembrance of who she used to be…the limp.

She had been forever changed by her own hand.  She was the one that made the decision,  no one else.

She could blame it on someone else… She could certainly use satan. He was present that fateful day; the day everything changed.

It was the day Distortion made its entrance.  Flesh became mortal, marred, tarnished and impure.  Eyes became blinded and scaled. Scaled by the serpent who deceived.

Distortion; it was what made her walk with a limp.

Distortion; twisted, misrepresented, slanted, disfigured, deformed.

The serpent came and distorted humanity.

He distorted our very name…Woman.

“This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh, she shall be called Woman for she was taken out of man”, Genesis 2:23, KJV

The most beautiful and captivating name given to the female gender, was given in the Beginning.  Adam, was given the rare privilege of naming each and every created living thing; yet when his eye beheld the creation that stood before him he was dumbfounded…What captivating beauty, what purity of heart…with one glance, Adam’s breath was stolen, for Adam envisioned exactly what God did; a pure and spotless Bride.


Before The Fall, Eve’s name was simply, Woman.  It was not only a description of her creation, it was a depiction of her identity.  It carried a fullness of satisfaction and wholeness.  It embodied perfection and denoted unity with The Creator.

The name, Woman, was designed by God and spoken into the realm of humanity by Adam.  It was to be eternally set as our identity. All of who we are and hope to ever be was to be found inside our original name, Woman.

But, as we know, the day of Distortion came.  And so did judgement. Now, we will forever be at battle with our own identity. Everything we believe about ourselves as women, has come from a hand that only carried distortion.

The reality of humanity can be very dark…

I am dark, yet lovely…Song of Solomon 1:5

The battle rages within each and every one of us. The questions of “Who am I”, “Will I ever be enough”, plagues us daily.  In this war for our identity, self worth and satisfaction we find ourselves battling against is the very thing that we strive to please…man.

Today, our perfection as women, stems from the hand of man, and what a fallen humanity deems to be perfect.  How often do we pick up a magazine, a book, or turn on the television to only see what society says we should be?  We have taken a human yoke: “failure to measure up”. We live under the condemnation of the human race. Women have fallen under a degrading humanistic view of themselves.  No longer does the name, Woman, carry the grandeur of perfection and wholeness.  It carries the characteristics of Distortion.

We will forever look in the mirror and never be enough.  We will long to be something greater, something more beautiful, something more successful,  something more sweet and kind, or something more brave.

This should be our hour of change. Change!  We should embrace our eternal name and live striving for the things that Christ has given us through His shed blood.  We have received our bloodline through Him and His eternal view of who we are…in Him.

Do you believe that? Do you believe that Jesus died so not only you may live, but live...? Do you believe He died for mine and your restoration? Do you believe that our given name has been revoked? Jesus gave women significance. Watch

When Jesus walked this earth as perfection in flesh, He looked through the eyes of His Father.  He spoke only what His Father told Him, and He loved with an intense passion, just as His Father.  He restored sight to the blind, healed the sick, and raised the dead.  He calmed the storm, turned water into wine, and fed thousands with a five loaves of bread and a couple of fish.  And through all of this, Woman, was not forgotten.

Jesus called us by name…

Have you ever noticed?  He turned a specific eye toward to Woman.  He loved them, and respected them, and they held a special place of honor in His heart.

In John 2, Jesus was attending the wedding in Cana when they ran out of wine.  His mother requested He take care of this dire situation. His response, “Woman, my time has not yet come”.  In Matthew 15:28, a daughter was released from demonic possession.  He looks at the mother and states, “Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted”.  In John 8, the woman caught in adultery was brought forth for judgement. Jesus releases her from her accusers saying, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you”?  And one final situation; Mary Magdalene was weeping at the tomb…even the angels called her Woman.

For many years, I saw these as harsh statements toward women. Jesus never addressed His disciples in such manner!  It appeared by using such distant terminology, Jesus was disengaging Himself from the heart of Woman.  In fact, just the opposite was true!  Jesus, looking through the eyes and heart of His Father knew no other word for such beauty and perfection. So He addressed her just as He saw her; Woman

Jesus took the time to restore our dignity, identity, and perfection.

As Eve, we need to stop reaching for the wrong fruit to satisfy our hunger for perfection.  We need to embrace the eternal…Although we are dark, darkened by the shadow Distortion that has covered humanity, we are lovely.  We are lovely through the eyes of the Creator who looks through the blood of His Son, Jesus. No more can we live beneath our created intent! We have been called to a higher ground, a deeper relationship with Christ.  We have been called to have the wisdom to understand, the courage to speak, and the faith to believe:

I am dark, yet lovely, and my name is Woman!